A unified voice for the ore-based metallics industry


Ore-based Metallics for iron & steel production
an introduction to ore-based metallics

DRI, Pellets & Regulation
Presentation by IIMA Secretary General at Metal Bulletin DRI & Pellets conference, Dubai, April 2017

Ore-Based Metallics: adding value to the EAF
Presentation by IIMA Secretary General to Southeast Asia Iron & Steel Institute, Singapore, May 2017

Importance of understanding raw material value-in-use for steelmaking
Presentation by Jeremy Jones on behalf of IIMA at AISTech Scrap Supplements & Alternative Ironmaking 7, Orlando, February 2017

Global Overview of Ore-based Metallics
Presentation by IIMA Secretary General at American Metal Market DRI and Mini-mills conference, Chicago, November 2017

Value-in-use of ore-based metallics
Article in Metal Bulletin Monthly - December 2017


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