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Pig iron production - Ilmenite route

Producers of titanium dioxide slag in Canada, South Africa, and Norway smelt ilmenite, a weakly magnetic ore of titanium dioxide and iron oxide (FeTiO3) in electric furnaces at temperatures ranging from 1650 -1700° C, using either coal or another carbonaceous material as reductant. Titanium dioxide slag is the principal product, with pig iron being a co-product. Titanium dioxide slag is largely used as a raw material for producing white pigment, mostly for the paint and plastics industries.

Richards Bay Minerals Process Flow

Richards Bay Minerals Process Flow

Basic reactions in ilmenite smelting are:

Reduction of FeO from slag

FeO + C → Fe + CO

Partial reduction of TiO2 from slag

TiO2 + 1/2 C → TiO1.5 + 1/2 CO

Watch the video below to see the production process at Tizir Titanium & Iron in Senegal and Norway:


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