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Ship agency Host join the IIMA

IIMA is pleased to welcome Host as the latest member to join its community.

HOST is a ship agency, stevedoring and terminal operations company with a 100-year-old reputation for excellent service and solutions in the maritime industry. They adopt their customers’ goals. They then use the power of data, the capabilities of their scalable assets, and a century of problem-solving expertise to achieve the lowest total delivered cost for their customers.

Having been in the ship agency business since 1923, HOST has developed a strong reputation for offering real solutions and improving efficiency. As agents, they coordinate with local and international parties for every ship they’re appointed, giving them a worldwide network of relationships throughout the maritime community. They also provide:

  • Commodity Reports
  • Forwarding and Documentation
  • Cargo Monitoring

HOST is an experienced terminal operator and stevedore, handling bulk, breakbulk, project cargo and more. They also own their own terminals, Avondale Marine on mile 107 of the Mississippi River and United Bulk Terminals Davant on mile 55, which are key investments in transforming supply chains for their customers. Avondale is equipped with a range of equipment and infrastructure, including a Foreign Trade Zone, to exceptionally handle breakbulk cargo, such as metals.

For more information: https://www.tparkerhost.com/

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