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Our latest Meet the Member features Midrex.

Midrex offers leading technology for decarbonizing the iron and steel industry through direct reduced iron (DRI). DRI is the most environmentally friendly method to supply the steel industry with the iron needed for high-quality steel production. As the industry leader, Midrex produces about 80% of the world’s low CO2 DRI and has been operational for over 50 years, with nearly 100 modules across 21 countries.

Midrex has been a member of the IIMA for a number of years and is a great collaborative partner. Lauren Lorraine helps with communicating key messages and IIMA contributes to Direct from Midrex on issues surrounding the OBM industry. Vincent Chevrier, General Manager – Technical Sales and Marketing, is also a long-standing supporter of IIMA and an important contributor to our Technical Committee.

Please click here for the MEET THE MEMBER - MIDREX summary to find out more about their activity.

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