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IIMA welcomes J&F Mineração

IIMA is pleased to announce its newest associate member, Brazilian based J&F Mineração.

Founded in 1953, J&F Group is the largest privately-held Brazilian enterprise and the parent company of JBS, the world largest producer of animal protein. J&F Mining is the group’s first initiative in the mining industry, following the acquisition of MCR (Mineração Corumbaense Reunida) in July, 2022.

The company owns two mines in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul in Brazil, with vast reserves of high-grade iron ore and manganese ore. Its natural lump ore’s quality positions J&F as one of the best existing alternative source in the world for the production of green steel. The company has a lean structure, a private port, and an integrated mining & logistics system.

For further information: jfmin.com.br

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