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Electra join IIMA

Electra is decarbonizing ironmaking for green steel production using intermittent renewable energy and low-grade iron ores.

The challenge: Every year, 1.9 billion metric tons of steel is produced predominantly by molten-pyrometallurgy at 1,600 degrees Celsius using high-grade ores and coal energy, emitting 3.7 gigatons or 10% of global carbon dioxide emissions. Since 90% of steel’s emissions are from refining iron ore to iron, decarbonizing iron means we’re forging a cleaner and greener future for steel.

The solution: Electrochemical refinement of iron ore to high purity iron by radically lowering the process temperature from 1,600 to 60 degrees Celsius, replacing coal energy with intermittent renewable energy, displacing commercial ores with lower-grade ores treated as waste today, and releasing zero carbon emissions.

For more information: www.electra.earth

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