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DRI Summit 2022

The 5th India International DRI Summit 2022 is taking place on September 30th, at the Hotel Taj Palace, Diplomatic Enclave, New Delhi, organised by the Sponge Iron Manufacturers Association.

The focus of the summit is as follows:

  • To bring all Indian and global stakeholders to a common platform towards global sharing of knowledge and experiences
  • To explore the economic and eco-friendly routes of gas-based DRI and Steel-making with a focus on green hydrogen
  • Prospects of adoption of emerging alternative coal-based energy efficient and eco-friendly DRI technologies
  • Innovations in the existing DRI production technologies to improve operating parameters and to reduce carbon footprint
  • To explore the use of cost-effective raw materials
  • To propagate global innovations towards enhancing energy efficiency and reduction in environmental pollution in existing coal-based technologies.

For more information, please click here for the brochure.

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