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IIMA virtual conference in association with CRU

Day 1: Tuesday 23rd March 2021 - 1pm to 6pm GMT

Time Details
1:00 – 1:10 Welcome address View

This is the first international conference dedicated to the merchant ore-based metallics sector, inspired by IIMA and organised in association with CRU. Running over 2 full afternoons, from 1pm to 6pm GMT, the virtual conference comprises more than just a series of webinars. It will include technical presentations, panel discussions, live Q&A, speed networking and other networking opportunities

1:10 – 3:00 SESSION 1

1:10 – 1:35 Keynote:Steel Raw Materials Supply and Demand Outlook View

Speaker: Hector Forster, S&P Global

A look at the current state of recovery of the steel sector following the initial impact of Covid 19 measures and focusing on a global overview of steelmaking raw material markets. With national economic recovery plans trending towards expansion in construction can we see where the impact of Covid 19 measures stops and where other factors are in-play?

1:35 – 1:50 Live Q&A

1:50 – 2:30 Panel Discussion: Ore-based Metallics Markets and Outlook View

China and Southern Asia

  • What is driving China’s appetite for merchant OBMs and are current levels of demand sustainable?
  • What are the prospects for DRI/HBI in China and Southern Asia?

Russia and the East

  • Is Russian trade in OBMs inward or outward looking?
  • Will Russian merchant producers find new demand in the East or West?

The Americas

  • How will recent M&A activity in the steel sector impact demand for merchant OBMs?
  • Has the market for merchant OBMs been disrupted by new players and the demand from China?
2:30 - 3:00 Live Q&A

3:00 – 4:00 Speed Networking Reception View

Your chance to meet face to face and network with your peers from across the metallics trade and logistics community.

4:00 – 5:50 SESSION 2

4:00 – 4:25 Keynote: Scrap Market and Outlook View

Speaker: Chris Asgill, CRU

Scrap prices soared in Q4 of 2020 and into January 2021 due to the impact of Covid 19 on supply will they come back down again soon or remain high? Will the dynamics of China’s domestic and imported scrap markets have a significant influence on markets elsewhere?

4:25 – 4:40 Live Q&A

4:40 – 5:20 Panel Discussion: OBMs Enabling the Circular Economy View

Scrap utilisation and quality

  • How will scrap utilisation improve going forward?
  • Is there an issue with scrap quality?

Scrap regulation

  • How is the political landscape for control of scrap changing?
  • Will scrap nationalisation increase?

Slag utilisation

  • How can we maximise the value of slag?
  • What if any are the external drivers of slag utilisation?
5.20 – 5.50 Live Q&A

Day 2: Wednesday 24th March 2021 - 1pm to 6pm GMT

1:00 – 1:10Welcome and RecapView

Members of the board address delegates on the second and final day of the conference.

1:10 – 3:00SESSION 3

1:10 – 1:35Keynote: Freight Markets and the Drive Towards Sustainable ShippingView

Speaker: Derek Langston, SSY

A review of how the dry bulk freight market has been impacted by Covid 19 and the outlook for 2021. The pace of change in the industry is increasing, driven by demand for more robust and efficient supply chains and the ambition of zero carbon shipping. How challenges are being met and what implications these may have on the market will be briefly examined.

1:35 – 1:50Live Q&A

1:50 – 2:30Panel Discussion: Supply Chain ChallengesView

Safe handling of OBMs

  • How have standards improved in the past decade?
  • What should be done to avoid complacency?

Commodity Trading

  • What roles and responsibilities do traders have towards greening supply chains?
  • How will digitalisation change the tenets of trading?

Responsible sourcing

  • What are the challenges for responsible sourcing in the steel raw materials sector?
  • How well is the industry responding?
2:30 - 3:00Live Q&A

3:00 – 3:40BreakView

Conference breaks - during break time any attendee can start an instant video call or written chat box with any other attendee currently on the platform

3:40 – 4:05SESSION 4

3:40 – 4:05Keynote: Scope 3 emissions: Iron Ore Producers' Perspective View

Speaker: TBC

Scope three emissions cover indirect sources of carbon emissions and often represent the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. For iron ore producers’ scope three emissions can include those from steelmaking including the production of OBMs. The transition to carbon-neutral steelmaking has already begun but has a long road ahead, so how are OBM producers and equipment manufacturers responding to demands for carbon emissions reduction today?

4:05 – 4:20Live Q&A

4:20 – 5:00Panel Discussion: Carbon Emissions ReductionView

The approaches to management of carbon emissions reduction in the OBM sector will be considered, looking at the perspectives of OBM producers and equipment manufacturers.

5:00 – 5:30
Live Q&A

5.30Close of conference


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