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​HBI-C-Flex project website launch

We are delighted that the HBI-C-Flex project has moved from concept to reality. It was an idea originally born at an IIMA Technical Committee meeting years ago, motivated by the need to ensure the safe transportation of DRI and HBI as its production and use evolves in harmony with the transition to net-zero iron and steel making. The project launched on the 1st July 2023 in Linz Austria with considerable industry support. Project co-ordinators K1 MET, based in Leoben Austria have launched the HBI-C-Flex website this week along with a dedicated Linked In page. It is possible to sign up for a newsletter to hear the project progress.

60% funded by a grant from the EU Research Fund for Coal and Steel (RFCS), the project is also supported by partners (EU-based) and Support Advisory Board members (International), representing a broad spectrum of steelmaking businesses, metallurgists, academic institutions and associations.

A defined scope of work is in place with identification of scientific partners to undertake the various work packages 1-6. The planned project timescale is 42 months, taking it to end 2026. Updates on the project will be posted on the IIMA website and in more detail on the project site.

Project website: https://hbi-c-flex.eu/

Project Linked In page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/hbi-c-flex/

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